You Choose

Do you want to know, about my story?  

It’s a broken glass splintered in my skin  

I’m a time traveller, let me explain  

The future and past, it all feels the same.  

I’m a full-time wanderer, I’m a monkey mind handler  

I live in the cracks, to forget what I've seen  

I don’t know much baby, of why I’m bruised  

But I know in the end  

You choose  

You choose  

Music and gamblers, pinball machines  

White noise perfume and nicotine  

Cruelty is subtle, the virtual machine  

Confuses what you've been with what you dream  

‘Cause I’m a million people  

Rolled up into one  

If you don't know me  

You will know someone  

I’m a long-time baby  

A full-time maybe  

With nothing to prove  

You choose  

You choose  

If you want somebody  

Who won’t let you down  

You can count on me  

‘Cause I’m already on the ground  

If you’re missing loving  

And you've run out of clues  

Look at what you lose  

When you choose  

You choose 


Composed by Galen Ayers

© 2018 Galen Ayers